Effective Guidelines To Calculate the GPA

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    Calculating GPA accurately without using a remarkable GPA calculator is a mean feat to achieve. As GPA holds one of the important positions in the academic life of a student, it is but natural to ponder “How exactly do you take a complex document, and shrink it down to a number?”

    If you are also contemplating the same question of how to estimate GPA from your final grades, then reading this blog will surely help you figure it out.

    How To Calculate GPA Using The Simplest Method

    Of all things that have become complex with time is the calculation of GPA without a calculator. However, here, we will explain the simplest method of calculating a GPA without scratching your head. Have a look-

    § Find a Grading Scale

    One of the most common grading scales for most institutions is the four-point GPA scale. In this scale, A= 4 points, B= 3 points, C= 2 points, D= 1 point, and F= 0 points.

    This is an un-weighted GPA scale.

    Some schools also use a weighted GPA scale to measure the grades. Hence, it is significant to ensure what your institution uses. You can also clarify it from a teacher or an administrator.

    § Gather The Most Recent Grades

    A look at ‘how to figure out your GPA’ answers on student forums will help you understand that it is crucial to collect recent grades to evaluate your GPA accurately. You can figure out your grades by going through old report cards or transcripts. Keep in mind individual class grades, mid-term grades, or grades of mid-semester do not count. Only take into account the final grades of the semester while evaluating the GPA.

    § Record The Point Value For Each Grade

    Once you are done collecting recent grades, start recording the point value for each grade. Write down the correct point value next to each grade using the four-point scale. Have a look at the table below-

    Figure 1: Table representing the method to record point value for each grade

    § Add Values Of Your Grades

    The next step is to add all values up. Like, you have received A- in History, B+ in Math, and B- in Language. Therefore, you calculate the total in the below-given method-


    § Divide It By Number Of Classes Taken

    On a 4-GPA scale, you will calculate the GPA using the following equation:

    9.7/3= 3.2

    Hence, your GPA stands to be 3.2.

    GPA is one of the crucial elements of your academic career. Next time you strive to calculate your GPA without a calculator in college, give this blog a thorough read. Understand the guidelines, read the steps thoroughly and implement them to calculate your GPA easily like never before.

    reference Url : https://medium.com/@frank007u/effective-guidelines-to-calculate-the-gpa-a06958a780b2

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